Our Customers

Elena & Stefano Quilici.

Vincent & Sibylle with Bri:
"Amazing California style wine. Stone Cottage captures all great elements that wine county has to offer with a refined finish and bold tasting notes."

Michel Colas and Marie Lariche in Reunion, France.
"Being from France, Stone Cottage 2015 vintage has introduced us to the great wines Napa Valley has to offer. Stone Cottage was memorable and comparable to great Bordeaux."

Susan Ehrlich:
"The 2015 is out of this world."

Craig in Washington DC - with CEO, Bryan Ware, Haystax Technology:
“Sharing Stone Cottage with us was awesome & an inspiring moment for our whole team.”

Terry Saltz & Pamela Lazor:
"Enjoying fine Stone Cottage Vineyards wine. The bouquet becomes more enjoyable with every sip."

Dr Catherine Cornejo and Jose Rossi:
"From two Napa Natives, this is among the best!"